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Global Heart Call Lead by ATIH Teacher in London

Posted on November 16, 2015

Global Heart Call
ATIH meditation for the World
To spread joy, love, peace and support at this time of great challenge for the Planet

At 8 pm to 9 pm UK time 
17th of November in London
Light a candle and join the ATIH UK group for an ATIH meditation to vibrate love light peace and support to the world
This is a Global Consciousness Connection Only / No webcast 
Join us from where ever you are in the World at the same time and connect to everyone

If interested and need information please do contact
Certified Awakening the Illuminated Heart Teacher: Irene Viglia Atton
0044 (0) 7941 391673

The recent events that affected the Planet from Egypt to Paris (along with the rest of tense situations around the Globe) are testing many people on Earth, 
This is an opportunity for those of us who have Remembered the way of the Heart to vibrate together peace, love and support to the World

As we vibrate within ourself this frequency we are affecting the Global Field

Let's co create together a time of unity, peace, compassion
Let's be united at a time where Humanity can easily slip into Fear
Let's create a frequency to help those who do not know how to do this to become more compassionate e from the Heart

If you feel called to be part of a Global Heart Call
Connect tomorrow
8 to 9 pm (20 to 21 hours) GMT - please do check your corresponding time
Light a candle and from the tiny space of the heart
Do love deeply yourself 
Do feel deep compassion for yourself until those vibrations move out of your body and see sense feel them embracing the world
We will be connecting from central London together for one hour with this specific purpose

Thanks for reading and for being part of this
All it takes is the simple intention to connecting with all the Hearts of the world from that Place, the Tiny space, where we are always ONE

If interested and need information please do contact
Certified Awakening the Illuminated Heart Teacher: Irene Viglia Atton
0044 (0) 7941 391673
Much love and many blessings to you all

Beautiful Messages From ATIH Teachers H. Hosen & D. Mitel

Posted on September 15, 2015

Awakening The Illuminated Heart (ATIH) Teachers Hira Hosen & Daniel Mitel

ATIH Teacher Hira Hosen:

Many of you may know ATIH Teacher Hira Hosen. Hira is one of our more progressive Teachers who conducts workshops all over the globe and like many other light- & ascension-workers in our current timeline, she is here to catalyze the great shift of global Ascension on Earth. Link to Profile:

Over the last several months (while on location of her workshops) Hira has posted short video blogs (Vlogs) discussing subjects ranging from Living in the Heart, the Sacred Space & Tiny Space of your Heart to her latest release on Healing. The School of Remembering would like to support Hira in her efforts to bring Ascension & Awaking to our daily lives and provide you with a link to her latest Vlog:

ATIH Teacher Daniel Mitel:

Prior and after Tibetan Great Masters, Daniel worked with a group of well known Masters from different schools of meditation (Osho, Dalai Lama, Kriya Yoga Great Masters, Ana Pricop, Di Yu Ming, Drunvalo Melchizedek,Anastasia) who train their students to be in the Heart. Now, together with his own workshops (Heart Imagery and Kriya Yoga), Daniel Mitel is bringing Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop out to the world. Profile:

By teaching all these spiritual seminars, Daniel is sharing a message of hope and possibility to anyone who wants to experience a new understanding of life; an understanding which comes from the heart. In this interview with Lilou Mace Daniel discusses subjects such as: techniques from (ATIH workshop, Tiny Space of The Heart, Creation process, Drunvalo and Claudette Melchizedek's workshops & teachings)

Love & Light

EU 2015 Conference: Paths of Discovery

Posted on August 25, 2015

Paths of Discovery

90 Day Re-Broadcast of the Electric Universe 2015

conference has begun!

Discover the universal role of the electric force, from microcosm to macrocosm

Read on or use this link to find out more now:

We had such a great response to the EU2015 conference that we have chosen to re-broadcast the event in its entirety. You asked, we listened. Now you can take in this amazing conference at your convenience.

Play, pause and fast forward to your favorite moments, watch the presentations that you choose. It's up to you.

Enjoy this revolutionary material for the next 90 days -- August 25 - November 25

This is an on-demand event which means the presentation videos will be immediately accessible upon purchase of a ticket with corresponding receipt of the new access key via email.

Full Conference Access Now Only $95.00

This is a new event and old access codes will not be valid. 

Use this link to access the event now:

------- End New Notification ----------------------

-------Begin Original Notification Prior to the Live Broadcast --------

EU 2015 Conference: Paths of Discovery Original Announcement

EU 2015 Conference: Paths of Discovery
Want to learn the latest Science and Knowledge that helped Drunvalo develop his latest work "Cosmic Grace"??

Well then join us for the live Broadcast of this amazing event JUNE 25-29 Electric Universe EU2015

Join us LIVE ONLINE for EU2015 for a five-day exploration of interdisciplinary science, an event designed to break the bounds of conventionality. 
 Discover the universal role of the electric force, from microcosm to macrocosm, where virtually every new surprise points us in the same direction. 
 And find your own connections within a movement that will shape the future of science.

A LIVE BROADCAST of EU 2015 is Available June 25

To see more AND GET YOUR TICKETS!! Click Here



Posted on August 08, 2015



A PREMIER LIVE STREAMING EVENT: Live Friday Aug 7,2015 at 11am PST Live Meditation from the Rocks of Sedona

Saturday Aug 8,2015 at 10am PST

Watch the event free and live here:

For support email:

 Click here for an International Time comparison tool.

Come and join this Free experience with Mas Sajady exclusively for members of The School Of Remembering and experience your frequencies be

Meet Mas Sajady, a former programmer with a successful business and a normal family life.After surviving his second near death experience and a journey through dark nights of the soul, Mas received extraordinary abilities to manifest miraculous healing and transformation for you in all areas of life - physical, spiritual, financial, relationships, etc... with rapid, tangible & documented results.

Mas works on the core frequency level to help redesign and reprogram your soul blueprint, materializing fast and tangible results in all areas of life. He acts as the conduit for pure energy to manifest this healing from a higher energy field.... "How do I connect to the Pure Source even Stronger" to help you be who you are and get what you want.

Live Friday Aug 7,2015 at 11am PST Live Meditation from the Rocks of Sedona  Saturday Aug 8,2015 at 10am PST

Watch the event free and live here:

Happy & Pretty Meditation Video - Cali Coast 3-22-15

Posted on March 24, 2015

Happy & Pretty Meditation Video - Cali Coast 3-22-15

This beautiful little thing was found and filmed off the Coast of California on the morning of 3-22-15. The mini alter was created by 3 amazing women during a morning meditation session on a secluded beach section near Carpinteria State Beach California. 

A School of Remembering staff member was walking on the cliffs above and witnessed the peace and beauty in which this was created and climbed down to capture just a few minutes for you..

We hope you enjoy it.

Share your comments and let us know if you would like to see more.
Remember Who We Are, Who We Have Always Been and Return to Source.
Your Team

Our goal is always to support our Global Consciousness Projects and Cosmic Grace Master Level Members.

Cosmic Grace Workshop - Help Present Drunvalo's Work Visually!!

Posted on March 13, 2015

Help Visualize Drunvalo's Newest Work and Win $500

As you may have heard, Drunvalo titled his newest workshop, "Cosmic Grace - Return to Source". This event stirred the imagination of thousands and Drunvalo looked to the cosmic community for inspiration.

Creative Lightworkers from all over the Globe submitted amazing works of art to represent the ideas of Cosmic Grace - Returning to Source.

Of the hundreds of submissions the top 5 finalists were chosen for your vote!

The WINNER with 23% of the global vote is.

Monica Ljungberg-Ohrn!

See the other finalists in this little video

All Examples & Ideas were Welcome

mini 1


cosmic grace

Tell your artists friends 

The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Still Influencing Art & Youth

Posted on November 17, 2014

Willow & Jaden Smith Have No Interest in a "Normal" Lifestyle

The siblings consider popular music, popular literature, and "normal school" catalyst for making teenagers depressed and quote Quantum Physics & "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life" for a better way...

Read More about these beautiful children and see what people are saying :

Participate in the Conversation on Drunvalo's Facebook

The School of Remembering Global Consciousness supports ALL  generations of Love & Light Workers 
SOR cannot endorse content, rather it is our feeling at the time of the posting the presenter is true in their intent to benefit Global Coherence and our Community.  The SOR participates in the Global Coherence Initiative a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

Drunvalo's Online Q&A With ATIH Teacher Carolina Cocis

Posted on September 25, 2014

Drunvalo's Online Q&A With ATIH Teacher Carolina Cocis 

Q&A with Drunvalo Melchizedek Free Online & Interactive
To see the event log into Drunvalo's Google+ account or go to

It's that time again! Please join us on Sept. 30th at 9am (Arizona time) for another round of Q&A with Drunvalo. This time ATIH Teacher Carolina Cocis will join us along with SOR tuition members and registered students on a wide variety of topics. We look forward to connecting with you!
To see ATIH Teacher Carolina Cosis's profile use this link:


Google Hangouts experienced an issue and split the broadcast.

We have combined them back into the original single presentation.

The Q&A is your private opportunity to ask a question and participate in a live online Hangout with Drunvalo and other leaders within the School of Remembering. To see examples of recent Q&A Hangouts or Post your video questions go to this link: 

The School of Remembering:

Drunvalo's site:



Posted on July 15, 2014




Event tickets are open to everyone - No School Membership is required 

To purchase tickets and see the event use this page: Live Events




Join this unprecedented opportunity to share time with Drunvalo Melchizedek and Andean Paqo/Filmmaker Jeffrey Wium as they come together to host a live presentation of the film Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino 

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16th at 11:11AM (PDT).

Prior to the film, Drunvalo and Jeffrey will speak about the Andean tradition, one of our planet's few remaining unbroken wisdom lineages and set the stage for the film's powerful transmission.  Following the screening, stay online for a Q&A session where participants can relate their experience, hear more about ancient heart wisdom and how these practical and mystical lifeways are re-awakening That which has always been within us.

Event tickets are open to everyone - No School Membership is required 

To purchase tickets and see the event use this page: Live Events

Ticket holders receive unlimited views for 48 hours.

For details, please go to the SCHOOL OF REMEMBERING website or this page: Live Events


Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino is a unique cinematic journey into the ancient, heart-based intelligence and celestially guided lifeways of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. Through the film's intimate and expansive content, viewers receive an unmediated, experiential understanding of the animistic relationships, high-altitude environments and prayer-filled ceremonies of one of the planet's few uninterrupted wisdom lineages.

This non-narrated film follows the day-to-day activities of the Andean Paqos (spiritual masters) to help audience members rediscover essential components of personal and collective well-being at a time when unprecedented numbers of people find themselves out of balance with the natural world and seeking a deeper means of connectivity and renewal.

Film run time: 100 minutes. Language: Quechua/Spanish with English subtitles. 

For more information about the film, please visit:



"Not only was the cinematography amazing, the heart came through. Incredible, Stunning... the purity, the love, the knowing that the time is NOW and we are finally home together in the ONENESS of it all. I am mostly without words for what I experienced."

"A unique experience and much more than a movie - a valuable and beautiful, long forgotten message to the core of our ancient souls. A true film of the Heart."

"I find the film to be transporting and absolutely flowing with sacredness. It is stunning to witness the energy of the spirits, the mountains and the sky all participating so actively in the film. To watch it is to not only witness the life and ceremony but to be part of it."

"Wow. Near the end of the film I was filled with such a mix of deep gratitude and compassion for the human condition that tears began to flow down my cheeks. So I think it's safe to say I got the heart transmission. Thank you for the gift, from my heart to yours."

"I am a member of the School of Remembering and I was so touched and moved by your film. It was truly profound to see the wisdomkeepers holding space for humanity. I truly felt the depth of their profound words and love for all. Hearing the Paqos speak was life changing."

Ticket holders receive unlimited views for 48 hours.

No School Membership is required, tickets are open to Members and Friends. To purchase ticket access keys for the online event use this page:


Member Updates & the last Q&A with Drunvalo Live

Posted on July 05, 2014

The Blue School of Imagery 5-Topic Mini Camp Series has been announced. 

Message from Claudette:
Dearest Students, 
This series of Blue School ONLINE Mini Camps is now available. During our time together, we will once again return to the point of Creation, deepening our knowledge of the use of imagery.
We will explore intention, manifestation, inner listening, health, and the experience of the truth of your inner alchemy and the knowledge you have carried for lifetimes...  Take one or all in the series.  
Topics will include: Understanding Imagery as a Global Language; My Body My Emotions and My Life; Healing Relationships; My Infinite Personal Story; and Creating Emotional Balance Through Imagery.


To the General Members of The School of Remembering
You have a new video from Drunvalo in the Library/Video link 

Released this month is "Aspen Rain: A Conversation with Drunvalo & Adam Trombly."
On August 28, 2013, after a night of 'Hot Rain', radiation testing equipment spiked into the Red Zone.  With higher than the usual amounts of Cesium, Zirconium, and weapons grade Plutonium showing up on the meter, the situation in Adam's Aspen home turned out to be nothing compared to... 
Read and see more about what is happening in your School of Remembering Membership Video/Library

Tuition Members of the School of Remembering
Released for your viewing from the Spirit of Ma'at,  is a new video series entitled "INNERVIEWS".  

These videos include Diane Cooper interviewing Robert Tennyson Stevens, Author and Teacher of a system for conscious languaging. Some of you will remember him appearing with Drunvalo in The Remembrance of the Solar Heart conferences... Plus an interview with Gregory Hoag, Founder of Metaforms Transformation Tools in Sacred Geometry
See more in your School Tuition Membership Video/Library now:

The Next Q&A was Wed. July 9th at 4:pm Arizona Time.
**This event aired watch it now**

Join Drunvalo & ATIH Teacher Michelle Pacheco and other Members in another live online Q&A Segment. 

We will embed the video here [----]

If your interested in becoming an ATIH Teacher please read this announcement:

Or Use:

The School of Remembering:

Drunvalo's site:


To see ATIH Theacher Michelle Pacheco's profile use this link:

We will have more fun and interesting announcements soon.

Thank  you

School of Remembering Team